Disability Support Work

 Inspire Health and Medical is dedicated to empowering individuals of all abilities, helping them lead their most fulfilling lives by facilitating their integration into the community. 

Our team of support workers has experience supporting people with:

  1. Personalised support: Our support workers will aim to ensure their engagement is unique to the needs and experiences of each individual participant.

  2. Community engagement: We are passionate about fostering connections between our participants and the wider community, facilitating engagement in personal appointments and community events.

  3. Transportation solutions: IHM is here to help participants access community activities, including social gatherings, local events, family visits, and personal appointments, by offering reliable transportation support.

  4. Skills development: Our dynamic team is dedicated to guiding participants in reaching their goals, with a strong emphasis on skill development and capacity building.

Referral/Intake Form



Meet the team

What to expect

Step 1: get in contact

Email us at [email protected] with details of the participant and the service they are requiring.

Step 3: first meeting

To assess suitability, we will organise a time to meet and discuss your needs.

Step 2: we will contact you

Our team will call you to confirm your referral.

Step 4: support commences

Once we have made an agreement, support services will start.