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Psychological assessments are performed when a social, emotional, learning, or behavioural concern is noticed and the cause, impact and/or recommendations are needed. The problem(s) can appear in many realms including inappropriate behaviour, mood states that are interfering with functioning, a change from previous functioning, and/or an inability to perform up to expected standards. Psychological tests are used to assess various aspects of an individual such as their intellect, developmental level, learning abilities, personality, memory and neuropsychological domains.

Carrying out a psychological assessment helps the clinician arrive at an accurate diagnosis, aid in treatment planning and ensure post treatment evaluation. While it has several benefits for clinicians to aid in treatment planning, for patients it serves as feedback about areas of their strengths and deficits.


The WPPSI-IV is used for young children in the age range of 2.5 years to 7 years 7 months.The WISC-V is used for children in the age range of 6 years to 16 years 11 months. A full cognitive assessment consists of a WISC-V and a WIAT.


The WAIS-IV is a test for older adolescents and adults within the range of 16-90 years. It provides an estimate of overall intellectual functioning as well as domain wise performance. A full cognitive assessment consists of a WAIS-IV and a WIAT-III.


The WIAT-III provides information regarding the individual’s strength and weaknesses in the academic domains of reading, writing and arithmetic. It can be used for ages 4 years to 19 years 11 months 


Quite a few children will experience problems with learning to varying degrees.The Wechsler Memory Scale is used to assess Dementia in geriatric patients, brain dysfunction in adults, and for psycho-educational evaluation of adolescents and adults. It can be used for ages 16 years to 90 years 11 months.


The ADOS is used to assess individuals suspected of having Autism or other developmental disorders. It is a standardised assessment of communication, social interaction, play and restricted/repetitive behaviours. This assessment is appropriate for children and adults of differing levels of development from 1 year of age.

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