8 ways to improve your sleep

Do you find yourself lying in bed scrolling until well after you planned to be asleep? Do you lie in bed with racing thoughts, anxious that you won’t get enough sleep but unable to get a wink? How many times have you watched ‘just one more episode’ instead of getting some shut eye? If you […]

Gratitude and rewiring the brain

Most of us have heard about gratitude and how beneficial it is for us. However, many of us have yet to put gratitude into action in our daily lives. Gratitude has become quite a buzz word with journals and practices gaining popularity. Gratitude can feel like just another trend to hop on board with – […]

Shh … the stigma of mental health

If you are somebody who struggles with their mental health, how many times have you hidden this fact from your family, friends or wider community? We can imagine that you’ve done this at least once (or maybe many more times) – and probably because you were fearful of the judgement you might have faced. Or […]

Why we want to fix our loved ones’ problems

There are many occasions when either ourselves, a friend, a sister or brother, a parent or our partner have needed someone to talk to about certain problems or issues in their life. But how many times has it felt like solutions are being thrown at your or that you need to give a solution to […]

Altruism – does it really exist?

If you saw someone struggling with their bags at the shopping centre, dropping things, trying to manage young children – would you stop to help them? If you answered yes, what would be the reason or reasons for you to stop? Maybe it’s because you felt bad for them, or because you wanted to prevent […]

Why do I doubt myself and how can I stop?

Have you ever doubted your abilities, knowledge or skills? Actually, don’t answer that – we think we can take a pretty good guess. Nearly everybody has (at some point in their lives) been unsure of themselves and doubted whether they were any good at some particular job/sport/talent or other ‘thing’. We live in a competitive […]

5 ways to love on yourself

“Just love and accept yourself as you are and you’ll be happier” – you’ve probably heard it before (at least a dozen times). And we know this is far easier said than done! The idea of loving ourselves has (much like self-care) become a bit of a growing trend, and many people have turned to […]

The perpetuating cycle of avoidance

So you’ve got an important speech for work or school coming up in a couple of weeks – and you’re feeling really stressed. You don’t like public speaking (what if I can’t do it?), you don’t feel confident (what if I mess up?) and you don’t know what to say (what if I’m boring and […]

Why does diet affect mental health?

I wonder if you’ve noticed how you feel after you’ve eaten a big meal, been drinking alcohol, or have eaten a lot of “unhealthy” foods? Maybe you felt flat, lethargic or unmotivated? Instead, have you noticed how you feel when you’ve drank lots of water, eaten a wide variety of healthy foods, or paid attention […]

Finding the secret to true happiness

For some people, finding true happiness is one of their main goals in life – and really, who would blame them? Being happy is an elusive feeling that so many of us struggle with, especially over the past few years. But actually being happy is very different from putting on a happy face or being […]