Sleep anxiety in children: why your kids can’t sleep and how to help

sleep anxiety in children

Many kids struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep anxiety is a common reason for bedtime stress of both parents and children. The good news is there are simple ways you can help your child and create a healthy, relaxing bedtime routine. Can anxiety affect my child’s sleep? Yes. Anxiety can affect your child’s […]

How to: create a good habit

Creating a new habit or changing a current habit can be an overwhelming concept to consider. Often when we think of habits, we look at drastic changes and big end goals, and this can lead to discouragement at how steep the hill to climb is to implement these changes or reach that goal. However, researchers […]

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

This saying has been around for years. Decades even. According to the Webster dictionary, this is “to have or enjoy the good parts of something without having to deal with the bad parts” (Webster, 2022). The use of this prolific proverb was first penned in a letter written to Thomas Cromwell stating you can’t have […]

8 ways to improve your sleep

Do you find yourself lying in bed scrolling until well after you planned to be asleep? Do you lie in bed with racing thoughts, anxious that you won’t get enough sleep but unable to get a wink? How many times have you watched ‘just one more episode’ instead of getting some shut eye? If you […]

Gratitude and rewiring the brain

Most of us have heard about gratitude and how beneficial it is for us. However, many of us have yet to put gratitude into action in our daily lives. Gratitude has become quite a buzz word with journals and practices gaining popularity. Gratitude can feel like just another trend to hop on board with – […]

Shh … the stigma of mental health

If you are somebody who struggles with their mental health, how many times have you hidden this fact from your family, friends or wider community? We can imagine that you’ve done this at least once (or maybe many more times) – and probably because you were fearful of the judgement you might have faced. Or […]

Why we want to fix our loved ones’ problems

There are many occasions when either ourselves, a friend, a sister or brother, a parent or our partner have needed someone to talk to about certain problems or issues in their life. But how many times has it felt like solutions are being thrown at your or that you need to give a solution to […]

3 ways to manage stress

Stress – we all feel it right? If we asked you how you’ve felt over the past couple of years, you might very well describe your mental state as stressed. That’s because stress is our natural reaction to new, demanding or challenging situations – and boy have we had some of those recently!  When we […]

Let’s talk about motivation

Finding the motivation to do the things we need to do can seem like a never ending task. And what about all those people you see or hear about who seem to have endless stores of motivation? Not surprisingly, motivation levels in all of society appear to have decreased in the past couple of years […]

Self-care – what’s with all the hype?

Oh no .. you’re probably thinking. “Not another post about self-care”. We get it – it’s important. But what’s really the big deal about self-care? Self-care seems to be ‘the next big thing’ and it’s even got a trending hashtag (#selfcare), so surely it must be important – right? Well yes, it certainly has some […]