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How I learnt to accept myself

We sometimes strive so hard to achieve in the many aspects of our life, that we create very little room for mistakes or emotional falls along the way. We can place such high expectations on ourselves and when we do not meet them, our inner critic speaks loudly to us, and we frequently choose to listen to it carefully. Dissecting and embracing every word. We give this critic power, and this can be pervasive, impacting us emotionally and mentally.

My journey started like many, with minimal confidence and low self-esteem, and completely uncertain as to how or where I fit into the world around me. I did not like myself and I always demanded so much from myself, unrealistic in what I wanted to see eventuate. This mindset, in hindsight, was not beneficial or supportive of my wellbeing, but when you are caught up in this, it is near impossible to step out of the darkness.

My emotional and mental turning point occurred when I was confronted with an unexpected health situation which required all my emotional, mental, and physical attention. Having many opportunities to reflect during this time, I unpacked plenty and gradually across many weeks, I experienced insight, realisations, and revelations. My big a-ha moment happened when I internally shifted my perspective about me. I liked me, I loved me and accepted who I was, with all my strengths and weaknesses. Amazing!

From that day forward through all the days I encounter, I proudly hold my head high. I nurture myself when I stumble, and I know I will always take care of me. Why? Because I have value and worth, and the relationship with myself is crucial to my wellbeing.

Through my experiences, I have come to integrate the following into how I navigate my world. Perhaps you can do the same.

– Engage in self-compassion and self-kindness each day

– Be present and mindful in each moment

– Disempower your inner critic

– Acknowledge and appreciate your talents, skills, and abilities

– Acknowledge your limitations and know there is always room for growth

– Surround yourself with people who love you, appreciate you and accept you

– Allow yourself to process disappointments and the unexpected so you can move forward rather than remaining emotionally attached to that which you cannot change

I encourage you to check in with the relationship you have with yourself. Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate and allow all of you to embrace all of you. You got this; I believe in you.

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